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Jim Corbett National Park, which is a part of the larger Corbett Tiger Reserve, a Project Tiger Reserve lies in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. The magical landscape of Corbett is well known and fabled for its tiger richness. Established in the year 1936 as Hailey National Park, Corbett has the glory of being India's oldest and most prestigious National Park. It is also being honored as the place where Project Tiger was first launched in 1973. This unique tiger territory is best known as the father who gave birth of the Project Tiger in India to protect the most endangered species and the Royal of India called Tigers.

Corbett Jeep Safari

Corbett Jeep Safari

Four Wheels Drive Open Jeep Safaris to the Bijrani, Jhirna, Dhela, Garjiya, Durgadevi & Corbett Landscape ...

Price: 5,000 /Jeep
  • Includes:

  • Max People: 6 /Jeep

  • Time: Morning & Evening ( 4 hours )

  • Departure: Ramnagar

  • Zone: Bijrani, Jhirna, Dhela, Garjiya, Durgadevi & Corbett Landscape

Corbett Elephant Safari

Corbett Elephant Safari

The area where the rides are conducted is called Corbett Landscape best for tiger & wildlife viewiing ...

Price: 3,500 /Elephant
  • Includes:

  • Max People: 4 /Elephant

  • Time: Morning & Evening ( 01 Hour )

  • Departure: Ramnagar

  • Zone: Dhikuli
    Corbett Landscape

Corbett Canter Safari

The Dhikala area of Corbett National Park is probably the finest to observe wildlife in its natural habitat ...

Price: 2,000 /Person
  • Includes:

  • Max People: 16 /Seater

  • Time: Morning & Evening ( 6 hours )

  • Departure: Ramnagar

  • Zone: Dhikala Peaceful Tourism

Corbett Night Stay

Corbett Night Stay

The Dhikala area of Corbett National Park is probably the finest to observe wildlife in its natural habitat ...

Price: 8,000 /Person
  • Includes:

  • Max People: 2 /Room

  • Time: 12:00 pm check in time & 11:00 am Check out time

  • Departure: Ramnagar

  • Zone: Dhikala, Bijrani, Jhirna, Dhela & Sonanadi

Spans over an extent of 520 square kilometers, its whole area comprises of hills, marshy depressions, riverine belts, grasslands and large lake. It is among the few tiger reserves in India that allows overnight stays in the lap of the National Park. Nature watch and wildlife viewing in the park is done in an open four wheeler Jeep and on elephant back. Sheltering a healthy population of tigers and rare species like Otters and the endemic fish eating crocodile, the national park is one of the most sought after destinations for the wildlife buffs. Dhikala, situated at the border of the extensive Patil Dun valley, is the most popular destination in Corbett because of its superb location and sheer abundance of wildlife present.

More of Jim Corbett

The Tourist Zones

In order to promote tourism in the region Corbett National Park has been divided into five different zones. These are the marked buffer or core area of the park where visitors can be part of wildlife safari and can enjoy the intriguing behavior of the animals with bare eyes at proximity.

Bijrani Safari Zone : Bijrani Zone is very popular tourist's hub because of its abundant natural beauty and open grasslands. The entry gate of the zone is located at only 01 Km from Ramnagar city.

Jhirna Safari Zone : Jhirna is another important tourist zone in the Jim Corbett National park that is open for tourist round the year. Jhirna Gate is located at 16 km from Ramnagar city.

Dhela Safari Zone : Dhela is a new eco tourism zone in Corbett National Park included in tiger reserve zone in November 2014. This is the only area in the reserve's buffer zone open to tourists in CTR. The zone is retaining the attention of large number of tourist because of its wealthy flora and fauna, open throughout the year, located at an approximate distance of 13 Km from Ramnagar City.

Garjia Safari Zone : Ringora Safari Zone) in Corbett is highly bestowed with rich diversity of flora and fauna. Garjia is located at a suitable distance (9 Km ) from Ramnagar city is the most preferred zone for wildlife lovers. Garjia has rich population of Royal Bengal Tigers and offers a wonderful sighting to its visitors. Amdanda gate is the entrance to this zone and it consists of buffer, tourism and core areas. In one shift limited number of vehicles allowed to enter so that the natural habitats of wildlife do not get disturbed. If you wish you can enjoy Jeep safari for the full day to catch greater number of wildlife of Corbett Park. Garjia and Malani forest rest house are two wonderful loading options in the Garjia zone, where you can experience a comfortable stay. Visiting hours for morning and evening slots are as follows:

Durga Devi Zone : Located on the north-eastern boundary of the Jim Corbett National Park, Durga Devi zone is the heaven on planet earth for those who are fond of bird watching. Entry gate is located at an approximate distance of 36 km from Ramnagar city.

Dhikala Zone : Being the largest and most varied zone in Corbett, Dhikala is famous for its abundant natural beauty as well as offering the best sight for exotic fauna. The entry gate is 18 km away from Ramnagar city. Night stay inside the Dhikala Tourism Zone is highly recommended for the hard core wildlife enthusiasts.

Sitabani Buffer Zone : Sitabani Zone doesn't fall under the Corbett Tiger Reserve area. If you are fond of serene ambiance of the natural beauty, must visit Sitabani area.

How to Reach Corbett?

Ramnagar is perhaps the best approach to the Corbett National Park which forms the headquarters of CTR. This small city is well connected by road and rail network with major cities of India like Delhi, Moradabad, Nainital and Bareilly. Once you reach Ramnagar, then it takes only half an hour to reach Corbett National Park. The park is around 15 Kms from Ramnagar railway station.

By Road: Ramnagar has a very good network of road that connects the different cities. The Corbett National Park is situated at an approximate surface distance of 260 Kilometer from India's national capital Delhi. The state government of Uttarakhand plies buses at a short interval of time from Delhi, Moradabad, Haldawani, and Nainital that reaches Corbett directly.

By Rail: The railway station in Ramnagar receives trains from different major cities of India like Delhi, Moradabad and Bareilly. A direct train to Ramnagar runs from Delhi. You can check out for Ranikhet Express, Corbett Link Express and Kathgodam Express that takes you directly to Ramnagar.

Distance from Major Cities:

  • Delhi: Delhi - Moradabad - Kashipur - Ramnagar (260 Kms)
  • Nainital: Via Kaladhungi to Ramnagar (62 Kms)
  • Lucknow: Lucknow - Bareilly - Kicha - Rudrapur - Kashipur - Ramnagar (436 km)
  • Dehradun : Dehradun - Ramnagar (232 km)

Dhikala Forest Rest House

Jim Corbett National Park is the sole national park in India that offers night stay inside its Jungle. Dhikala forest lodge is a historic structure, have been built over a hundreds of year ago by Britishers. This old rest house is very much popular among tourists. It offers snug accommodation option with breathtaking vistas of flora and fauna. Though it is not very much luxury but the staying experience amidst jungle is something simply unforgettable. The tourism inside the park is run and managed by forest department.

Dhikala Booking Procedure

  • Name, Age, Gender, ID Proof (Passport No., PAN No., Voter ID, Adhar No.) of tourists needs to be provided along with the confirmatory amount to carry out the further booking process
  • Availability of the dormitory/rooms shall be confirmed 90 days prior to the date of actual arrival
  • We are just local tour operators and enhance booking procedure for the forest rest house/ private resorts & hotels. Please note that we are not responsible for quality of services at the forest rest house which are operated by the forest department.

Major facilities available in Forest Lodges of Dhikala:
  • Rooms are well appointed and gracefully designed
  • Pure vegetarian buffet course are served at the on-site restaurant located in Dhikala
  • Jim Corbett Library

Staying in one of the major forest lodge (Dhikala) in Jim Corbett National Park brings an apex form of wildlife tourism and peaceful moments are unforgettable.

Jungle Safari in Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett National Park offers enthralling wildlife safari amidst its jungle with the options like Jeep Safari, Elephant Safari and Canter Safari for the wildlife enthusiast. Tourists may have safaris through the jungle of Corbett and if lucky enough can even catch Royal Bengal Tigers.
Jeep Sari in Jim Corbett: Jeep Safari is the most feasible option to discover the true wilderness and varied species of flora and fauna found in the Jim Corbett National Park. Jeep is a four wheeler vehicle permitted to enter through all buffer zones of the park. It is the most popular way because Jeep is smaller in size when compared with canter that takes you easily some of the unexplored and hidden corners of the jungle where we could easily spot tigers. Jeep Safari can be done in tourism zones like Bijrani, Jhirna, Durgadevi, Dhela and Sitabani.

Best Time to Visit Corbett

Corbett remains open to tourists from 15th November to 15th June The main reason for closure of the Park during the rest of the year is that during the monsoons most of the roads get washed away. Repair work starts after the rains end and it is only by November that roads are back in motorable condition.
Jim Corbett National park experiences 3 distinct seasons - winter from November to February, summer from March to June and Monsoon from July to October. The best time to visit is definitely after mid-November and before June end. That is when you can experience the full ride of the park.
Another thing to consider before planning the dates of the trip is that this park is divided into zones. There is a zone called Jhirna which is open throughout the year. The Sitabani zone also stays open all the time as both these zones have a drier area.
But Bijarani zone opens in mid-October to June which is considered to be the heart of wildlife conservative initiatives, is open from the middle of November, just when the winter starts. The best zone out of all is the Dhikala zone where there is the highest number of tigers and cubs openly roaming around, but it is only open between mid-November and mid-June every year. There is also a Durga Devi zone which is open from November to June. The reason why they are kept close before is that the connecting roads get completely washed away during the rainy seasons.
The pleasant climate in the park makes it an ideal tourist spot all year-round, but the best time to visit Jim Corbett National Park is in winters. During that time, you can conveniently check out the length and breadth of the sanctuary and have fun exploring.
You can also come in during the summers. The weather can get a little hot, but not you will still be able to see the park without much hassle. Monsoons bring out the earthy smell and a spirit of adventure in the jungles, but since some zones are closed off during this time will make your trip incomplete.
One thing to keep a note of is that the park closes at night, anywhere around 5 to 6 pm, depending on the season. You cannot stay in the premises so make sure to check the timings when you go inside.

Summer in Jim Corbett National Park (From May To March)

The temperatures here can go up to 40 degrees Celsius, but because of so many trees and plants, the place is usually quite cool. Humidity levels remain low most of the time. It is not cool all the time in the summers but it is still comfortable enough to explore in summers.

Monsoon in Jim Corbett National Park (From June To August)

The rain brings out the greenery in the park and makes it a sight to behold. All flora and fauna, every nook and cranny is singing and cheerful. Some zones are closed off during this season because the rainfall washes off the roads connecting to these zones making it dangerous. But the exciting deals and bargains are tempting reasons to come here in monsoons. Even though this is not the best time to visit, you can still make it worth your while here.

Winter Time In Jim Corbett National Park (From October To February)

After the heavy rains work on the greenery here, the park is even more beautiful in the winter. The atmosphere is pleasant and all the animals and birds come out to freely roam the park. Winter is usually the best time to visit all of Uttarakhand, not just this park.
After you are done exploring the beauty of the park, other attractions here include Dhikuli that you shouldn't miss out on. Head over to the Corbett Falls for a relaxing lunch or snack. Be sure to go on a jeep safari to get the best out of this park.
Other things that you can opt for here are elephant rides, river rafting, check out the Corbett museum and go to Garjiya Temple. There is also a shooting block area called Birjani and a picturesque location on the banks of Kosi River is a very popular tourist destination.



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